Saturday, July 3, 2010


So I gotta say one of the bonus of having a sometimes wiser and sometimes cooler older sibling is that you can "steal" stuff from them although in my house we say borrow, a typical NerdyGirl sibling convo goes something like this- Me- "Hey is that my shirt/purse? Sibling " What, this oh don't you remember letting me borrow this. Me- "NO, your such a thief." Sibling- " yeah I borrowed it from you." Well sometimes you just copy your siblings like I did to my lovely sister, who had the cutest doodle of herself made by Rai who blog is the cutest. The link for the blog is at the bottom of the entry. So after seeing my sister's I knew I had to have one so here's the picture I sent her

And this is what I got back..

Tell me that is the cutest thing ever, you can't cause I know that it is. Anywas I am going to back to reading..

Nerdy Girl out!!
Here's Rai blog address for some reason I wasn't able to add a link, I know way un-nerdy of me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cheap girl wants to shop.

Have you ever just had an itch to doing some serious shopping? For the past couple of weeks I have just had the urge to go out and make it rain in some stores. I don't have anything in mind, to purchase I just wanna spend some money ( I sound like a rapper.)But then I see the price of things and I'm like dammn that cost way to much. For example I got the newest "catalog" from Lane Bryant who has the cutest floral print skirt ever, the price 50.00!! I was like OH HALE naw, thats waay too much, I will just wait until it goes on sale. But as the saying goes, if you wanna look cute you gotta spend money. Okay maybe I just made the up either way its true.

Until later peace!
Nerdy Girl

ps. I found a picture of the skirt I was talking about,tell me if you think its worth 50.00 dollars. Thanks boo


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tool Academy.. OH NO

I know I am soooo bad, I say I am going to to change and what do I do, I act right for a few days and then go right back into my old ways: ignoring my blog,looking at other blogs when I know I should be writing in mine, but I promise I will change cause I do not want to end up on Tool Academy.. Speaking of Tool Academy

Tool Academy that is possible the worst show ever, yet I find myself watching it whenever it comes on. GEESH what is wrong with me, I don't understand why someone would want the whole world to know they were dating a Tool? I know I wouldn't want anyone to know that I subjected myself to be treated badly by a guy who wears Ed Hardy or has a lame-ass nickname like J.T extreme.. Really if your going to give yourself a nickname cause let's be honest these nicknames are clearly self given, make it something kick ass like The Situation. Soo I am watching the first episode cause I may or may not of DVR'd the first two episodes,anywho there is a guy on there named Jacob( who never combs his hair btw) a.k.a J.T Extreme who was kinda hitting on one of the the girls Jennevica, who also is a tool. Will when he thought he was on a reality show to be named the Party Ambassador to Cancun(cause that sounds so real.) he was all over Jennevica. Then he finds out that he and her are both tools and that his girlfriend and her boyfriend are there watching all of the dumb behavior.And next thing you know he wants to start talking all kinds of trash about Jennevica calling her all sorts of sluts and whores and blah blah. I was like Dude, weren't you just trying to get down her cut-off denim shorts? He then proceeds to talk trash to Jennevica's boyfriend who seems like a really nice guy,who could more than likely find a girl to date who wasn't a tool or wear white trash denim shorts. But maybe the point of Tool Academy is to show that people can change,or that love can overcome Douche Baggery. Either way I know that I will continue to watch and think to myself Geesh, these guys are such tools.

Well I am going to bed

Nerdy Girl out!!!<3

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Boo..

So today's picture is of my and my boo Mango!! I guess you could say I adopted him from my sister. If memory serves me right mango has been hogging my bed for almost 2years,which is crazy cause you would think that a dog that small wouldn't take up that much room but he is a total bed hog, I just wished he was looking up. Well till tomorrow.

Nerd out

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I had class tonight (Big Ups Dr. E). Anyways I was soooo freaking sleepy tonight I just knew I was going to drive off the road due to sleepiness but thankfully I didn't! Maybe its just me but I know that it always seems like I am crazy sleepy whenever I am at work or school, but as soon as I get home its like I had five cups of coffee and one of those five hour energy. But I knew as soon as I got home I had to take my 365 pix!! I don't know about anyone else but I swear the close I get to being done with classes, the more I hate going to class. I know that makes me sound like the worst student ever, but I know I am not the only one out there who thinks that, thankfully I am in my senior year (woot woot) and I am taking an easy class and an online class so this semester shouldn't be to bad but we shall see. Anywho I'mma bout to go to bed and catch some z's but I promise I will be back to tomorrow and I am going to write a really long post about something funny..


ps. yes that is a Twilight poster behind me, but remember this blog is called Nerdy Girl loves and I am kind of crazy about Edward Cullen/ Robert Pattinson!

pps. more on that later

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here We Go...365 champ

So I made a deal with my sister and by deal I mean I am being forced(with love) to do this 365 project. Just kidding this 365 project is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time but have been very lazy. I know me lazy how crazy is that, but the other day I was at Goodwill with my mom and my younger sister and I found a WWF Championship belt and I was like oh this is a perfect photo op. Cause if you didn't know I am a professional model, not really I just really like to take dumb pictures in public place, but then again who doesn't! So know that I am doing this 365 project I will be blogging way more I promise!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hi Again.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am back!!! I promise I am going to write more but I'm a little sleepy.. So I will see all you nerdy girls later!!

-<3 nerdy girl