Monday, March 1, 2010

Cheap girl wants to shop.

Have you ever just had an itch to doing some serious shopping? For the past couple of weeks I have just had the urge to go out and make it rain in some stores. I don't have anything in mind, to purchase I just wanna spend some money ( I sound like a rapper.)But then I see the price of things and I'm like dammn that cost way to much. For example I got the newest "catalog" from Lane Bryant who has the cutest floral print skirt ever, the price 50.00!! I was like OH HALE naw, thats waay too much, I will just wait until it goes on sale. But as the saying goes, if you wanna look cute you gotta spend money. Okay maybe I just made the up either way its true.

Until later peace!
Nerdy Girl

ps. I found a picture of the skirt I was talking about,tell me if you think its worth 50.00 dollars. Thanks boo