Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tool Academy.. OH NO

I know I am soooo bad, I say I am going to to change and what do I do, I act right for a few days and then go right back into my old ways: ignoring my blog,looking at other blogs when I know I should be writing in mine, but I promise I will change cause I do not want to end up on Tool Academy.. Speaking of Tool Academy

Tool Academy that is possible the worst show ever, yet I find myself watching it whenever it comes on. GEESH what is wrong with me, I don't understand why someone would want the whole world to know they were dating a Tool? I know I wouldn't want anyone to know that I subjected myself to be treated badly by a guy who wears Ed Hardy or has a lame-ass nickname like J.T extreme.. Really if your going to give yourself a nickname cause let's be honest these nicknames are clearly self given, make it something kick ass like The Situation. Soo I am watching the first episode cause I may or may not of DVR'd the first two episodes,anywho there is a guy on there named Jacob( who never combs his hair btw) a.k.a J.T Extreme who was kinda hitting on one of the the girls Jennevica, who also is a tool. Will when he thought he was on a reality show to be named the Party Ambassador to Cancun(cause that sounds so real.) he was all over Jennevica. Then he finds out that he and her are both tools and that his girlfriend and her boyfriend are there watching all of the dumb behavior.And next thing you know he wants to start talking all kinds of trash about Jennevica calling her all sorts of sluts and whores and blah blah. I was like Dude, weren't you just trying to get down her cut-off denim shorts? He then proceeds to talk trash to Jennevica's boyfriend who seems like a really nice guy,who could more than likely find a girl to date who wasn't a tool or wear white trash denim shorts. But maybe the point of Tool Academy is to show that people can change,or that love can overcome Douche Baggery. Either way I know that I will continue to watch and think to myself Geesh, these guys are such tools.

Well I am going to bed

Nerdy Girl out!!!<3

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