Saturday, July 3, 2010


So I gotta say one of the bonus of having a sometimes wiser and sometimes cooler older sibling is that you can "steal" stuff from them although in my house we say borrow, a typical NerdyGirl sibling convo goes something like this- Me- "Hey is that my shirt/purse? Sibling " What, this oh don't you remember letting me borrow this. Me- "NO, your such a thief." Sibling- " yeah I borrowed it from you." Well sometimes you just copy your siblings like I did to my lovely sister, who had the cutest doodle of herself made by Rai who blog is the cutest. The link for the blog is at the bottom of the entry. So after seeing my sister's I knew I had to have one so here's the picture I sent her

And this is what I got back..

Tell me that is the cutest thing ever, you can't cause I know that it is. Anywas I am going to back to reading..

Nerdy Girl out!!
Here's Rai blog address for some reason I wasn't able to add a link, I know way un-nerdy of me.

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Both you and the drawing are cute! Kiah