Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Boo..

So today's picture is of my and my boo Mango!! I guess you could say I adopted him from my sister. If memory serves me right mango has been hogging my bed for almost 2years,which is crazy cause you would think that a dog that small wouldn't take up that much room but he is a total bed hog, I just wished he was looking up. Well till tomorrow.

Nerd out


I BLEED PINK said... have not adopted my dog. He is basically a prisoner of war that has not been retrived.

Like the headband!!

TheBigShowAtUD said...

ohhhh, SHE'S your sister? oooh.

Kim said...

you are so pretty- and your "adopted" dog is a cutie too. Listening to my music at work and jumping over to tell you thank you again! You rock!! Have a great day :)


bananas. said...

mango!!! ah haha...i love it! so cute!